September 17, 2009

Pensamentos recortados...

A fé é uma função do coração. Deve ser imposta pela razão. As duas coisas não são antagônicas, como pensam algumas pessoas. Quanto mais intensa a fé, mais profunda se torna a razão. Quando a fé se torna cega, inevitavelmente morre.


"Someone has said that 'the mind, like the dyer's hand, is colored by what it holds.' That is, if I hold in my hand a sponge full of purple dye, my hand becomes purple, and if I hold in my mind and heart great ideas of faith, devotion, and righteousness, my whole personality is colored accordingly. On the other hand, if I hold in my mind thoughts of spite, dishonesty, idleness, and lust, my personality will take the color of what it holds."

"...The results...are certain. One cannot think big and be little. One cannot think righteously and be evil. When good ideas are run through the mind, the person will soon be distinguished for his goodness. Even when we rethink the great ideas of someone else, we will soon resemble the greatness of the man whose thoughts we are rethinking." (Sterling W Sill, The Majesty of Books, SLC, Deseret Book 1974, p 161, emphasis added)


by President David O. McKay

"Let me assure you, Brethren, that some day you will have a Personal Priesthood Interview with the Savior Himself. If you are interested, I will tell you the order in which He will ask you to account for your earthly responsibilities.

First, He will request an accountability report about YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR WIFE. Have you actively been engaged in MAKING HER HAPPY and ensuring that HER NEEDS have been met as an individual?

Second, He will want an accountability report about EACH OF YOUR CHILDREN, INDIVIDUALLY. He will not attempt to have this for simply a family stewardship, but will request information about your relationship to EACH AND EVERY CHILD.

Third, He will want to know what you PERSONALLY have done with the TALENTS you were given in the Pre-existence.

Fourth, He will want a SUMMARY OF YOUR ACTIVITY IN YOUR CHURCH ASSIGNMENTS. He will not be necessarily interested in WHAT assignments you have had, for in His eyes the Home Teacher and mission president are probably equals. He will request a summary of HOW YOU HAVE BEEN OF SERVICE to your fellow men in your Church assignments.
Fifth, He will have NO interest in how you earned your living, but if you were HONEST in ALL your dealings.

Sixth, He will ask for an accountability on what you have done to contribute in a positive manner to your community, state, country, and the world."

Meeting of Church Physical Facilities Department, SLC, Utah, June 1965 (emphasis added); also quoted by Alexander B. Morrison, Feed My Sheep: Leadership Ideas for Latter-day Shepherds, p. 156 \


"I am confident that when we stand before the bar of God, there will be little mention of how much wealth we accumulated in life or of any honors which we may have achieved. But there will be searching questions concerning our domestic relations. And I am convinced that only those who have walked through life with love and respect and appreciation for their companions and children will receive from our eternal judge the words, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant;...enter thou into the joy of thy Lord" (Matt.25:21) Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley, Ensign May 2002, pg. 54.


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